Meditation Teacher, Mindful Yoga & Life Coach

Tomas's meditation method generates physical, emotional and mental freedom, allowing you to tap into your inner resources of peace, energy, metal clarity and inspiration so that you can channel them to every aspect of your life. It involves mindful stretches, body scanning, breath work, meditation techniques, self inquiry and intention formulation.


Tomas incorporates his studies and training  in Tantric yoga Philosophy, Bioneuroemotion and Ontological Coaching to generate in his clients and students a deeper  awakening to the inner dynamics happening within themselves,  recognize the underlying  issues and be attuned to the inner wisdom to overcome them.


The meditation method is founded in the Tantric Philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism. This schools of thought has the understanding that everything in life is a manifestation of one Universal Power whose intrinsic nature is best described by the Sanskrit words: Chit-Ananda a  Blissful-Consciousness that is continuously expressing itself as this infinite universe with a myriad of beings.Therefore, each one of us is an expression of this Infinite Power taking the particular and unique form of ourselves. Meditation is the act of Recognition of this Eternal Truth within ourselves. All the meditation techniques offer contemplations that have the intention to kindle this inner recognition of our Sacred Nature, so that by being in touch with it, we may experience our inner strength, clarity and love.


Tomas offers private sessions, group clases, course and retreats to impart his method.

Life Coaching

The intension of a private sessions is to gain deeper clarity on a certain issue in your life. This sessions, seek to reveal what is hidden in the subconscious mind and help you tap to you inner wisdom and resources. Sometimes bringing clarity, closure, emotional healing or a sense of purpose. More info...

Courses & Retreats

In this courses you learn the foundational aspects of the meditation practice, the goal of meditation practice and how to apply its wisdom to everyday life. 

Module 1: The Foundations

Module 2: Recognition of the Self.

Module 3: Cultivating Awareness in Everyday life. More info...


The intention of the group class is to help students hone in their abilities to connect with their body-mind, recognize unresolved tensions-emotions and mental stories, release the stored up energy, so that can peace, clarity, wisdom and wellbeing can arise from within.  This classes involve mindful movements of the body, yoga postures, breath work and meditation. This class is also available as a private class. More info...