Meditation Teacher & Life Coach

Tomas's meditation method generates physical, emotional and mental freedom, allowing you to tap into your inner resources of peace, energy, metal clarity and inspiration so that you can channel them to every aspect of your life. It involves mindful stretches, body scanning, breath work, meditation techniques, self inquiry and intention formulation.


The meditation method is founded in the Tantric Philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism. This schools of thought has the understanding that everything in life is a manifestation of one Universal Power whose intrinsic nature is best described by the Sanskrit words: Chit-Ananda a  Blissful Conscious Being that is continuously expressing itself as this infinite universe with a myriad of beings.Therefore, each one of us is an expression of this Infinite Power taking the particular and unique form of ourselves. Meditation is the act of Recognition of this Eternal Truth within ourselves. All the meditation techniques offer contemplations that have the intention to kindle this inner recognition of our Sacred Nature, so that by being in touch with it, we may experience this Innate Blissful Self.


To learn the Meditation Method is best starting with the Module 1 Training: The Foundations for Meditation

Foundational Courses

Life Coaching addresses the content and structure of the mind, making us aware of our unconscious belief structures, so that we may recognize them and be empowered to choose and create our life path consciously

Ongoing  Classes

Meditation allows us to tap into the Essence of the mind, an innate superior intelligence, unlimited field of possibilities, and a wellspring of peace and fullfilment. 

In this way, be empowered by the fullness of our Being. 


Yoga is a way to work with the Body, one of the most tangible aspects of the Mind. By releasing it´s tensions and contractions, freeing its vital energy in empowering patterns, we transform and heal our being into a strong and adaptive vessel to manifest our full potential and creative expression.