Tomas is an E-RYT 500 Teacher with 18 years of experience teaching Anusara Yoga and Meditation.

He began his practice of yoga and meditation in 1991 at age 17 when he met his spiritual teacher or Guru, the impact of this meeting was so powerful that from then on, he committed himself to the study of the Tantric Yoga philosophy and to the practices of meditation, yoga, selfless service, mantra and contemplation.

Through the years of daily practice and then in his experience of living for six years in ashrams of New York and India, he deepened the inner experience as well as his understanding and practice of the ancient art of yoga.

Teachers & influences

Since 2002 he began teaching yoga and has taken teacher´s trainings of hatha yoga in New York, Argentina and India, in the Anusara® style with many anusara teachers, to mention a few: John Friend (founder of Anusara® Yoga style), Jayendra Henley, Jordan Bloom, Susana Garcia and BJ Galvan, managing to have more than 5 immersions (5 days intensive training in philosophy and technique of alignment of hatha yoga), totaling more than 500 hours of training, which in time made him recipient of the third level of certification the Anusara School of Yogaoffers:  Anusara® Certified teacher with 17 years of teaching experience 

"Anusara yoga is a nationally Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance.   Anusara yoga certification is among the most professional and demanding in the industry of yoga teaching. All certified Anusara yoga teachers complete several years of study, go through multiple teacher training courses, and teach professionally for at least four years, before formally entering the certification process.”


 In the area of meditation, he started his practice in 1991 guided by his spiritual teacher from india, belonging primarily to the Tantric Kashmir Shaivite tradition.  He has also studied with Sally Kempton and several other friends swamis (monks) that formed his view on the practice. The following teachers have greatly influenced his teaching style in the recent years: Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Douglas Brooks (Rajanaka Tantra), Christopher Wallis  and Jonathan Foust (from the mindfulness school)


Ayurveda Studies

Tomas has been deeply intrigued with the sister tradition of yoga, Ayurveda. He found in this system the ancient wisdom of bringing balance to your body and life by understanding the main constituents of life and how to maintain harmony between them. To learn to improve his health and digestion tomas also studied with a few renown Ayurvedic Teachers, In india, in the year 2000 he took lectutres with Pankaj Naram founder of AyuShkati as he immersed himself in a healing process of a month panchakarma cleansing program,  years latter, 2008  he took an immersion in the main tenants of Ayurveda with Vasant Lad, from the Ayurvedic Institute. Also his understanding of the discipline has been highly influenced by the writings of Robert Svoboda and Georg A. Feuerstein.


Coaching Studies

With the intention of strengthening his teaching´s tools, in 2013 he does a master in Ontological Coaching at the Center for the Study of Professional Coaching, with Ivonne Hidalgo, Aida Hidalgo Araujo and Rainier. Later in 2019 he graduates as Accompanist in  Bioneuroemotion® (BNE) which is a new method that has integrated different scientific, philosophical and humanist disciplines to help you understand the origin of your emotional conflicts and improve your wellbeing.

Founder of two Yoga Studios

In 2004 he co-founded Soham Yoga Studio where he began to teach yoga and meditation.

In 2009 he begins to teach courses in meditation, finding that the course format is more effective in helping students learn in a methodical and progressive manner the subtle art of meditation. In 2010 considering the large audience in his courses and meditation retreats, he founded his second yoga center, Hanuman Yoga, located in Caracas, where he dedicated exclusively to teach classes, courses and retreats of yoga and meditation. 

2015 he moved to the city of Miami where he has taught yoga classes and meditation courses in the following studios: Dharma Yoga in the Grove, Corpo Yoga in Dadeland, Ombeats yoga in Brickell and Soul Purpose Studio near The Falls Mall. 

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