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The Meditation Course Module 2: The Recognition of the Self

Begins on Thursday, September 7th, 7:30-9:00 pm. 


The Recognition of the Self: a 7-week comprehensive meditation program with Tomás Rodriguez

Module 2 (level II) of the Meditation Course will go deeper in to the meditation techniques learned in level one, as well as learn awakening contemplations on the Primordial Self. Students will go deeper into the realm of the self, where life's energy and inner truth resides. Expect to feel connected with the very special place inside you and expand your outer and inner awareness.

September 7 - October 26 (no class on 10/12)

Thursdays, 7:30-9:00 pm

Session 1: The Self

Understanding the goal of Meditation

Session 2: Learning from Experience

the importance of reflecting on your practice

Session 3: The Primordial Longing 

Tapping in to the power of Desire, as the ultimate drive r meditation

Session 4: Mindfulness

You can only be free in the Here and Now

Session 5: Conquering Freedom

Going beyond attachments and aversions

Session 6: Self-Trust

You are the foundation of your own reality

Session 7: Inspired Action

Meditation in Action


"embracing the heart of being" a 4-day retreat in sedona, arizona

October 11-15, 2017

Im very excited to announce this next retreat, it has been a dream I have had for so many years, finally come true! A Yoga & meditation retreat in Sedona, Arizona!!! And in the company of two wonderful beings who´s wisdom and big hearts are a blessing in my life!  If you want to get more details about the retreat, watch the video and visit the website:

Intimidad con la Vida, Retiro de 3 dias en las Montañas de Georgia