Meditation Course & Retreat

The Meditation Course

The Meditation Course is comprehensive course on the practice of Meditation. Is designed with the intention of gradually teaching steps by steps the fundamentals of this ancient art of self-knowledge. This course is based on the tantric yoga philosophy as well as the mindfulness technique. Is compromised of Three Modules, the first module, teaches the foundations of the practice, the second focuses on understanding the longterm path and goal of the practice and the third module teaches how to apply the skill of self-inquiry to deal gracefully and benefit from life challenges.


  • Each module lasts 7 weeks, meeting once a week for a session of 1h and 30min.
  • All live virtual sessions are recorded and are made available to the students, in case you miss a session
  • There is a multimedia online support materials for each session of the course.

Module 1: The Foundations

In this Module we will explore the foundations of the meditation practice: posture, breath, emotions, attitude,  mantra and energy body. We are guided in the process of developing our own daily meditation practice at home and discover for ourselves what does it mean "conscious living", developing our capacity to connect and explore our own consciousness, the essence of the mind, and  bring this inner wisdom to our daily living.

**all live virtual sessions are recorded and are made available to the students, in case you miss a session**


Session 1: Meditation on the body & breath

Session 2: Meditation on the emotions

Session 3: Meditation on self-compassion

Session 4: Meditation on mantras

Session 5: The power of words

Session 6: Meditation on energy body

Session 7: Conclusion


Logistical Details:

Schedule: Wednesdays, 7:30 - 9:00 pm (live virtual classes)

April 15, 22, 29, May 6, 13, 20 and 27 (7 sessions)

Course Tuition: $180 (original price was $225, we are offering a discount during due to the crisis)


Videos, Audios and written material included 


Module 2: the Recognition of the Self

In this course will go deeper in to the meditation techniques learned in level one, as well as learn awakening contemplations on the Primordial Self. Students will explore the realm of the self, where life's energy and inner truth resides. Expect to feel connected with the very special place inside you and expand your outer and inner awareness.


Session 1: Awareness is the Self

Session 2: The pervasiveness of Awareness

Session 3: Awareness as the Ground of Being

Session 4: The light of Awareness

Session 5: Awareness and it's dynamic power

Session 6: The contraction and expansion of Awareness

Session 7: The Spontaneity of the Self


Logistical Details:

Schedule: Wednesdays, 7:30 - 9:00 pm (live virtual classes)

Begins one week after level 1 ends

7 Consecutive sessions

Videos, Audios and written material included 

Price: $255

Module 3: Living in Awareness

Meditations to release, gain clarity and access our inner wisdom. Pre-requisite: level 1 of the meditation course. We will focus on meditations that help us connect and listen more deeply to ourselves, to discern our feelings, emotions and underlying beliefs, as well as to tap in to our intuitive wisdom, that part of us, that simple knows. This module is based on the work of Jonathan Foust’s Body centered inquiry.

Session 1: RAIN: Recognize, Allow, Investigate & Non-identification

Session 2: Working with Resistance - working with the pain body

Session 3: Working with fear

Session 4: Meditation on recognizing and transforming your beliefs

Session 5: Meditation on self forgiveness and forgiving others

Session 6: Meditation on working with anger

Session 7: Meditation for insight


Logistical Details:

Begins one week after level two ends

Schedule: Wednesdays, 7:30 - 9:00 pm

7 Consecutive sessions

Tuition: $255 (bring your journal)

Corpo Yoga Studio 9030 SW 72 Ct • Miami, Fl 33156

Videos, Audios and written material included 


One Day Retreat

There are two types of meditation practice: Maintenance meditation and breakthrough meditation. The retreat is where we immerse ourselves in a body-mind practices that help us go deeper in our liberating self-inquiry practice. 

Retreat from your daily activities, enter into a sacred atmosphere of silence and simplicity where the revelation of the different layers of your Self can occur, opening to it´s nurturing wisdom. Gather your energies for an inner journey, is time to dedicate yourself to deep healing, and realign with the highest within you. Take hold of the transformative practices of yoga to release and realign body, emotions, and mind with Spirit. Share with others practitioners your own inner journey and be nurtured by others experiences and perspectives.


9:30-10am     1st Session

10-10:30am   Pause

10:30 -12       2nd Session

12-2pm          Lunch Pause

2-3:30pm      3rd Session

3:30-4pm      Pause

4-5:30pm      4th Session  


Logistical Details:

Retreats happen on Saturdays

Next 2020 retreat will be announced soon


I was able to learn a clear path that helped me become consistent in the practice of meditation. The progression of the course, helped me learn techniques to get from a place of agitation and angst to a place of peace and calm. Learning to honor and value where I’m at, at each moment. I also learned how the thoughts, the emotions and the expression of pain in the body are all interconnected.  Through the meditations and further reflection, I became aware of deeply held emotions and belief systems that were generating a state of disharmony within me and around me, which had been holding me back and causing pain. By using the techniques in the class, I experienced beautiful moments of release, clarity, and new understanding. Tomas’s compassionate and loving guidance helped me reflect and learn how to work through difficult moments and those deep emotions so they too can be released. I learned to contemplate with compassion, to feel, to accept and to let go. It was a great experience to participate in the group’s open discussions. Sharing helped me understand how each of us has a unique lens of life experience and perspective from which we see and how we need to be compassionate with one another. Aside from the meditation exercises, I found this part of the class extremely valuable. Discussions and meditation allowed us to put into immediate practice what we learned. Tomas is very knowledgeable as a teacher and gives of himself to his students generously. He teachers from a heart-centered place, a rare gift for a student to come across a teacher like him. He exhibits a thorough understanding stemming from deep study, reflection and practice. I am grateful to Tomas for sharing his knowledge, but also for being present. His guidance and support was with us in every step. I am grateful for the opportunity to have him as my teacher. - Giselle Marzo Segura


I have known Tomas from several years and I can say he really touched my deeppest feelings. As a  spiritual life coach, Tomas helped me how to trust myself and my intuition. He showed me how to break free of any beliefs or practices that no longer serve me and no longer resonate with me on a deep level. He taught me how to use my inner self as a guide so that I can continue to grow spiritually in every area of my life. - Marisela San Feliz