Meditation is an ongoing exploration of your relationship with the inner world and the outer world. Meditation is proven to reduce stress, improve concentration, increase happiness, and improve overall well-being. In this Course, we will explore the foundations of the meditation practice: Posture, Breath, Emotions Mantra and Goal of Practice. We are invited to discover for ourselves what does it mean "conscious living" by committing to a daily meditation practice, as well as different avenues to develop our capacity to connect and explore our own infinite Being, and to bring this inner wisdom to your daily living.


This course is composed of 8 Sessions, one session per week, each session was live recorded in audio and some in video, in a group setting. The best way to take this course is to take one session per week and practice what you've learned during that week, then move on to the next session the following week. If you have any questions regarding the practice you can email me at and i will gladly answer your question.


Each Session of aprox. 1h 30 min will follow the same structure:

  1.  Introductory practice of the meditation technique
  2.  Group sharing of experiences with the technique as well as Q&A
  3.  Exposition of the theme of the week
  4. Ending meditation

At the beginning of the week is good to reserve a time of approximately 1h and 30 min to listen to the recordings. Then, each day of the week, preferably as soon as you wake up, follow the meditation practice prescribed for that week. You can either follow the instructions outlined in each lesson or listen to the first or last audio which contains the meditation practice of thew week. For this you will need approximately 30 min. 


Once you register,  please notify at to receive the entry passcode. You will be prompted to write the passcode as you access each lesson.

Session 1: Meditation on the Body & Breath

We create our own experience of reality - Relaxation 



Session 2: Meditation on the Emotions

The wisdom of Acceptance


Session 3: Meditation as Self-Love

the importance of embracing your own self-worth


Session 4: Meditation with Mantras

The power behind sacred Words 


Session 5: Meditation with Affirmations

Words create your own experience of reality


Session 6: Meditation with Visualization

The chakras - Samaskaras, past life impressions


Session 7: Meditation as your natural state of Being

Meditation as a process of Self-Recognition