Life Coaching

Do you have an area of life where you feel confused, frustrated or stuck?
You want to move forward but can´t and don´t now exactly what is preventing you?
Do you have a dream that keep postponing?
Do you have a relationship that is causing you endless suffering?
Confused about your career and life purpose?

  • Life coaching is an invitation to reflect, explore, learn about the process of living and find new possibilities in your life. How? by questioning everything you think you know so that you can open yourself to explore new possibilities.
  • The role of a great coach is to serve as a mirror, so you can see your self clearly. The obstacles are often not something outside or ourselves, but exist in our own way of being, the ideas we have about ourselves, others and life.
  • Coaching is not counseling or therapy, is a space to develop self-knowledge and the role of the coach is the accompany you in this wonderful process. 

ontological school of coaching

Ontological Coaching is characterised by coaching to Way of Being. Our Way of Being is the underlying driver of communication and behaviour. Our perceptions and attitudes, many of which may be deep seated and out of awareness, exist in our Way of Being. Change in these perceptions and attitudes can result in the removal of significant barriers to learning, and the spontaneous development of more effective patterns of communication and behaviour.

Effectiveness in personal and professional life, and the quality of our existence, is indelibly shaped by Way of Being.


Way of Being is a regarded as a dynamic interrelationship between three areas of human existence – language, emotions and body. Coaching in all three areas of language, emotions and body has the potential to be transformative, for it can generate profound learning and deep constructive change.

what does a coaching session look like?

In a typical coaching session, will first focus on clearly establishing what is it that we want to accomplish in the hour meeting, followed by an exploration of the underlying dynamics that may be at play in the situation, ending with an action plan to move forward towards the desired goal.


My Coaching style is highly influenced by my 25 years of meditation practice that has allowed me to develop an acute ear for the specific needs and challenges of clients. 


My coaching sessions tend to generate:

  • Higher levels of self-awareness, 
  • Greater capacity to recognize emotions, feelings and deep longings,
  • Supportive in overcoming rigid self-defeating belief structures that may not be aligned with our full potential, 
  • Increased skills in relating to ourselves and others with an appreciation of each other strengths and self-worth. 
  • Capacity to move forward with enthusiasm in the pursuit of our life's purpose.

How to set up the appointments?

You can either  phone me at (305 6390840) or you can book the appointment hitting he button below. Sessions can be in person, at Coral Gables, Miami or online meetings.  

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how Long is the session?

The session are approximately  an hour and a half long.

Payment plans

One hour session $125

extra time: $50 Half an hour.

Four session package $400


         "It isn't an overstatement to say that my coaching sessions with Tomas have changed my life. He deeply understands how the mind works, but his approach is much more spiritual than psychological, and this is precisely what makes it so powerful. He has carefully guided me to feel whatever it is that's inside me, to observe it and recognize it for what it is: feelings and emotions, not my true self. He digs deep to discover what's the actual issue underneath these emotions, and believe me, you will know when he's reached the bottom of it all. Tomas has given me the clarity to understand that my happiness is nothing more and nothing less than my choice and my responsibility. I have inevitably become more compassionate towards myself and others, and definitely live a happier, richer life thanks to him!" -  Maria Pia Petrica - Miami, Fl


         "I can only say that Tomas has mastered the only language common to all human beings: the language of the soul.  I have worked with Tomás as my life coach since September 2016. His style of coaching, complete presence, and compassionate approach helped create the conditions to get to the root of things, where I could recognize and see, and from this place, create new possibilities for myself. His guidance has been a source of transformation and important shifts in my life for which I am forever grateful. I recommend working with Tomás enthusiastically." - Giselle Segura. Miami Fl


         "At a time in my life when things were not turning the way I thought they should, I am very grateful to have met Tomas Rodriguez. His approach, technology, know-how, and guidance takes you thru an excellent path to enlighten you towards the road you should travel in life. He allowed me to see things from another perspective. Excellent and wonderful experience. I certainly do highly recommend him." - Alfonzo Miranda-Daleccio. Miami Fl


          "Since I have met Tomas, he has helped me through hardships in many different ways. Mostly through meditation. My coaching session with him was one of the best experience I had. He opens my eyes and heart to recognize my feelings and true pain. He makes me feel safe and allows me to show, who I really am, free of judgments. To embrace my weakness and to find enough peace and quiet, to see that I'm human and that I'm allowed to feel and cry. Tomas, I thank you for giving me freedom and also, showing me how to stand up for myself. I'm blessed to have you as my coach, my guide, and my dear friend". -  Elvira Flores. Miami Fl


            "I have used the Life Coaching services of Tomas Rodriguez several times over the last 6 months. He has been a tremendous help to me to guide me to see clearly what I really wanted in my career path. In each of our sessions, he was able to cut through all of the confusion running through my head and guide me quickly to be able to see what I truly wanted. After each of our sessions, I was completely satisfied with the results. He was able to help me cut to the chase in one session and not drag out into multiple sessions. Each session was for a specific individual different issue and I was able to leave secure and confident in my decision of how I wanted to go forward. I would highly recommend Tomas, as I have sought the advice of many people through my lifetime, he is the best that I have ever found." - Michael E. Miami Fl


             "Refreshed my vision of myself. He reset me. Inspiring sessions; never came out the same. Self revealing. Fun. Eye opening. It was healing. It was all about me" - Gabriela Rezendo. Mexico City