Tomas´s teaching is influenced most strongly by the Tantric Philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism, though he also embraces ideas from the Rajanka Tantra School of South India. Both schools of thought have the understanding that everything in life is a manifestation of an Absolute, Infinite and Formless Existence whose intrinsic nature is best described by the Sanskrit words: Chit-Ananda a Conscious Blissful Being that is continuously expressing itself as this finite universe with a myriad of beings.Therefore, each one of us is an expression of this Infinite Power taking the particular and unique form of ourselves. Meditation is the act of Recognition of this Eternal Truth within ourselves. All the meditation techniques offer contemplations that have the intention to kindle this inner recognition of our Sacred Nature, so that by being in touch with it, we may experience this Innate Blissful Self.

Meditation course

This is a course composed of three 8-week long Modules. Designed to take the student on a journey of self discovery, transformation and inner attainment. By the end of the course, the student may have the skills and understanding to establish an intimate and positive relationship with his own inner Self, so that he may benefit from this enlightening and empowering Force.

Meditation course, Module 1: The Foundations

Begins on Thursday, January 10th, 2018 - 7:30am to 9pm at Corpo Yoga Studio


Meditation is an ongoing exploration of your relationship with the inner world and the outer world. Meditation is proven to reduce stress, improve concentration, increase happiness, and improve overall well-being. In this Course, we will explore the foundations of the meditation practice: Posture, Breath, Emotions Mantra and Goal of Practice. We are invited to discover for ourselves what does it mean "conscious living" by committing to a daily meditation practice, as well as different avenues to develop our capacity to connect and explore our own infinite Being, and to bring this inner wisdom to your daily living.

  • 8 Consecutive Thursdays from 7:30- 9pm
  • Corpo Yoga Studio 9030 SW 72 Ct • Miami, Fl 33156
  • Videos, Audios and written material included 
  • For reservations call: 305 670 2010 or go to this link
  • Price: $225 (you can pay $35 just for the first session, and after decide if you want to take the whole course)

Session 1: Meditation on the Body

We create our own experience of reality - Relaxation 

Session 2: Meditation on the Breath

Learning basic Breath-work or Pranayama

Session 3: Meditation on the Emotions

The wisdom of Acceptance

Session 4: Meditation as Self-Love

the importance of embracing your own self-worth

Session 5: Meditation with Affirmations

Words create your own experience of reality

Session 6: Meditation with Mantras

The power behind sacred Words

Session 7: Meditation with Visualization

The chakras - Samaskaras, past life impressions

Session 8: Meditation as your natural state of Being

Meditation as a process of Self-Recognition

Corpo Yoga Studio 9030 SW 72 Ct • Miami, Fl 33156 • TLF: 305 670 2010

Module 2: the Recognition of the Self

Begins on Thursday, March 8 to April 19, 2018, 7:30-9:00 pm.


The Recognition of the Self: a 7-week comprehensive meditation program with Tomás Rodriguez

Module 2 (level II) of the Meditation Course will go deeper in to the meditation techniques learned in level one, as well as learn awakening contemplations on the Primordial Self. Students will go deeper into the realm of the self, where life's energy and inner truth resides. Expect to feel connected with the very special place inside you and expand your outer and inner awareness.

September 7 - October 26 (no class on 10/12)

Thursdays, 7:30-9:00 pm

Session 1: Sat-Chit-Ananda

Who am I?  Existence, Counciousness and Bliss

Session 2: Nishprapanchaya

The Self is everywhere

Session 3: Niralambaya

The Self is the Ground of Being

Session 4: Tejase

The Self is the inner light of Awareness

Session 5: Purnatva

The Self is the Fullness of Being

Session 6: The Wisdom of Non-interferance

There is nothing to do, just to be.

Session 7: Inspired Action

The Spontaneous Power within

module 3: Shakti, the primordial power of meditation

Begins on Thursday, May 3 to June 14,  2018. 7:30-9:00 pm.

Session 1: Shakti, the Power behind the meditation process

Honoring and tapping in to this primordial power within you

Session 2: Kali, 

The Goddess of Creation & Absorption

Session 3: Kali, Part 2 

An invitation to experience your Infinite Self 

Session 4: Saraswati

The power of Self Reflection

Session 5: Saraswati, Part 2


Session 6: Saraswati, Part 3

Knowledge and perception

Session 7: Lakshmi

The Signifier

Session 8: Conclusion

regular classes

Practicing self-love and inner work can add numerous benefits to your life. Getting in touch with your heart center allows you to listen more deeply to your true inner knowing and connect to the flow of life. In this class, we will experience the more subtle, yet powerful and transformational side of a yoga practice. Through slow movements and gentle postures, we will softly stretch the body to release any hidden stressors or blockages of energy. Once the body and mind are relaxed, we will together practice the art of Meditation. Each class will be unique and may include pranayama (breathing exercises), mantra practice, visualization, and other yoga techniques. Ultimately, this Inner practice will help you silence your mind and connect with the deep Self, reservoir of one's intuitive knowledge, lasting joy, and true peace. No previous yoga or meditation experience is required. For the weekly Schedule of classes visit the yoga page

Private sessions

As with all learning, the more tailored to the particular needs of the student, the better!. Meditation is no exception. Therefore, I offer the 8-week Meditation Course, Modules as a one-on-one coaching-meditation session, it becomes specially powerful when we apply the inner discoveries in to our daily living. This can be done in person or also Online. To schedule a private meditation class with Tomas call or email me here or book your appointment  pressing the button below. Cost of 8-sessions: $800 

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Testimonial on meditation course

I was able to learn a clear path that helped me become consistent in the practice of meditation. The progression of the course, helped me learn techniques to get from a place of agitation and angst to a place of peace and calm. Learning to honor and value where I’m at, at each moment. I also learned how the thoughts, the emotions and the expression of pain in the body are all interconnected.  Through the meditations and further reflection, I became aware of deeply held emotions and belief systems that were generating a state of disharmony within me and around me, which had been holding me back and causing pain. By using the techniques in the class, I experienced beautiful moments of release, clarity, and new understanding. Tomas’s compassionate and loving guidance helped me reflect and learn how to work through difficult moments and those deep emotions so they too can be released. I learned to contemplate with compassion, to feel, to accept and to let go. It was a great experience to participate in the group’s open discussions. Sharing helped me understand how each of us has a unique lens of life experience and perspective from which we see and how we need to be compassionate with one another. Aside from the meditation exercises, I found this part of the class extremely valuable. Discussions and meditation allowed us to put into immediate practice what we learned. Tomas is very knowledgeable as a teacher and gives of himself to his students generously. He teachers from a heart-centered place, a rare gift for a student to come across a teacher like him. He exhibits a thorough understanding stemming from deep study, reflection and practice. I am grateful to Tomas for sharing his knowledge, but also for being present. His guidance and support was with us in every step. I am grateful for the opportunity to have him as my teacher. - Giselle Marzo Segura


I have known Tomas from several years and I can say he really touched my deeppest feelings. As a  spiritual life coach, Tomas helped me how to trust myself and my intuition. He showed me how to break free of any beliefs or practices that no longer serve me and no longer resonate with me on a deep level. He taught me how to use my inner self as a guide so that I can continue to grow spiritually in every area of my life. - Marisela San Feliz

guided Meditations

feeling the inner body

This meditation is the first meditation we learn in the Introduction to Meditation Course. it´s main purpose is to teach how to connect with the inner body and how to naturally promote a state of deep relaxation and peace.