The Recognition of the Self: a 7-week comprehensive meditation program with Tomás Rodriguez

Module 2 (level II) of the Meditation Course will go deeper in to the meditation techniques learned in level one, as well as learn awakening contemplations on the Primordial Self. Students will go deeper into the realm of the self, where life's energy and inner truth resides. Expect to feel connected with the very special place inside you and expand your outer and inner awareness.

September 7 - October 26 (no class on 10/12)

Thursdays, 7:30-9:00 pm

Session 1: The Self: Sat-Chit-Ananda

Who am I?  

Session 2: The Self II: Nishprapanchaya

The Self is everywhere

Session 3: The Self III: Niralambaya

The Self is the Ground of Being

Session 4: The Self IV: Tejase

The inner light of Awareness

Session 5: Shiva & Shakti

The Formless Absolute and its Creative Power

Session 6: Anava, Mayiya & Karma Mala

There is nothing to do, just to be.

Session 7: The Spontaneity of the Self

The Spontaneous Power within