Module 3 of the Meditation Course

Shakti, the Primordial  Power

Building a relationship with the Primordial Feminine Power


     This course will bring deeper understanding and appreciation of the complexity and beauty of life and how to embrace it fully in all its dimensions, so that we may benefit from this sacred relationship, the relationship with our own Self. 


     Our inner world is a place much deeper and magical than most people get to know of. The Meditation Masters teach us how our inner world is vast and full of treasures as well as challenging forces. In this course, we will be guided by the Primordial Wisdom and Grace of three Tantric Goddesses, or as understood by Jungian psychology: "Archetypes of the Inner Self or inner Teacher". In Tantra is understood that the whole Universe exists within our own being, therefore all the Gods and Goddesses present in ancient myths are also latent forces that exist within our Human Collective Mind, and that we can all benefit immensely by building a relationship with them, as inner potentialities of our own Self. The Goddess Shakti represents the feminine aspect of the Divine, and in Tantra, it represents the ultimate Power of Inner transformation and Wisdom. In this course will also learn to go deeper in our understanding and experience of the science of Mantra as a sacred inner portal to this inner luminaries.


     This course is based on my experience and understandings of the Teachings of the renown Scholar in Religious Studies, Douglas Brooks on the Rajanaka Tantra Tradition.

Session 1: Shiva & Shakti, The Formless Absolute and it's Creative Power

Honoring and tapping in to this primordial Feminine Power within you

Session 2: Kali Ma

The Goddess of Creation & Absorption

Session 3: Kali, Part 2 

An invitation to experience your Infinite Self 

Session 4: Saraswati, The Essential inner Light

The power of Self Reflection

Session 5: Saraswati, Part 2


Session 6: Lakshmi

Knowledge and perception

Session 7:Kali, Saraswati & Lakshmi